Fictitious Insight on The Maze Runner series by James Dashner

  • T. SATHYASEELAN Ph.D. Research Scholar, Dept. of English, PSG College of Arts & Science, Tamil Nadu
  • Dr. P. ILAMARAN Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of English, PSG College of Arts & Science, Tamil Nadu


Science fiction (SF) impacts people to believe about the time to come. Science fiction brings the lessons of the past and innovatively projects them into the future to allow us to evaluate the values of our actions today. Science fiction (SF )writer diligently persuade the readers by embellishing fantasy elements. Science fiction (SF) portrays stories where we never been before, changes what is our usual reality, turns over a novel set of figures, and relates our inhabitation in possible realistic or unrealistic Utopian and Dystopian worlds. Dystopian societies often carry the attribute of unfair treatment of the habitants of a particular environment. James Dashner’s, The Maze Runner series exposes the subjects of the novel by absolute surveillance, containment of victims inside a maze and execution of the survivors, if found not abiding to the rules framed by Wicked (Organization headed by Dr. Ava Paige). The intension was to serve the community and to find cure for the society against the flare. The Protagonist of the novel Thomas strives hard to save the victims from the scientific experiments being conducted upon them in order to find the cure. Technology has absolute merits and dark side as well. In this novel the technology and an intention is imbibed in the antagonists mind to create a better society. The Protagonist leads a resistance team in order to save the victims being experimented. The antagonist cherry picks those survivors of their trials to effectuate a better human civilization. The novel briefs and reminds us the aspect ‘Survival of the Fittest’.Key Words: Science Fiction, Utopia, Dystopia, Unfair Treatment, Flare, Survival

Author Biography

T. SATHYASEELAN, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Dept. of English, PSG College of Arts & Science, Tamil Nadu


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