Drill and Practice to accelerate pupils’ Utterance and Structures

  • Ragupathi K Assistant Professor Dept. of English PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore


Language is the most effective means of communication. Although other living being communicate through sound and movements, it is the human beings that possess a refined form of communication of a highly sophisticated level. Speaking about a language that enables one to communicate with the entire world, it is the English language that comes to one’s mind. So Drilling and Imitating are the best ways to learn any language. Drilling means listening to a model provided by the teacher or a tape or another student and repeating and it is a technique that has been used in foreign language classroom for many years. There is no need to learn grammar at first. Without more knowledge about grammar the learner can be good at communication skill. Using Choral Repetition is a common method of drilling. Drilling not only helps our learner memories language but also to gain better pronunciation and accent. Memorizing is the basic and important tool for all linguistic study (palmer 1968, p-68) learning a correct grammatical sentence pattern is best method to learn second language. If once the learner does by heart, the learner is able to speak particular context and when s/he needs.Key Words: Drill, Communication, Sentence Structure, Language teaching etc.

Author Biography

Ragupathi K, Assistant Professor Dept. of English PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore


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