Tracing the Imprint of Romanticism in Early 20th Century Bhasha Literature: A Case Study of Oriya Poetry

  • Dr. Nishamani Kar National Defence Academy, Pune


In this paper, a modest attempt is made to explore the relationship between major literary movements of Indian Bhasha1poetry of early 20th century and English Romanticism and the issues concerning the essentially Romantic character of their views on Nature and Man, their ideas of Reform and Revolution. The effort is to show the fundamental affinity of spirit in their belief in, what Coleridge calls, the ‘one life of the universe.’ In order to be focused, a case study of Sabuja Dhara in Oriya literature is pursued with care. Incidentally, East and West are each other’s complements in the world of the great poets who present and represent a vision of synthesis and permanence in the life of the spirit. In fact, the poetry of the English Romantics and that of the Indian poets ultimately appeal for a reawakening, ‘a lasting inspiration, sanctified by reason’ (Wordsworth) and ‘that most firm assurance … to reassume/An empire o’er the disentangled doom…’ (Shelley).Key Words: Romanticism. Chhayavad, Ravikiran, Mandal, Kallol, Sabuja etc.

Author Biography

Dr. Nishamani Kar, National Defence Academy, Pune


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