Marquez Challenges the existing paradigms of Narratology through The Autumn of the Patriarch (1975)

  • Dr. Jeet Singh Assistant Professor Central University of Jammu


Narratology studies how a story is told. The study of the telling of a story constitutes narratorial nuances of time under the heading of which the time of story and the time of narrative are analyzed. The narratological analysis unravels the structure behind the meaning of a story by rendering explicit how those structures create and institutionalize meaning, concept, perceptions etc.  The current article makes an in depth study of The Autumn of the Patriarch (1975). Marquez’s art of storytelling reaches its zenith in the novel. Gerard Genette’s narratological model and terminology has been employed in the analysis and it forms its methodology as well. Key Words: Narratology, Tense, Achronic, Iterative narrative. 

Author Biography

Dr. Jeet Singh, Assistant Professor Central University of Jammu


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